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The Soccer Queens Podcast is a show dedicated to empowering young female athletes, building them into strong women, and inspiring them to live with confidence and purpose. I interview coaches who are walking the walk, practicing what they preach, and who are encouraging girls to find their gems. step into their power, and excel on the pitch and off.

Feb 16, 2021

The hardest part of moving was saying goodbye to my loved ones, athletes and their parents. The final sessions I ran in Maryland were extremely emotional for me, and I discuss in this episode how overwhelmed I was with the tears, hugs, and final words from my players. I finally reflect on the impact beyond training that I created the past several years, and why this is more than chasing on field performance. Training truly is a metaphor for life - for staying disciplined, pushing past discomfort, and believing in your body and mind's ability to level up.
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